2014 Zero-Emission Road Trip

Trip route map. Campsites are marked with the date we'll be at each (e.g. "1, 12" means we'll be camping there the night of the 1st and 12th of September).
Trip route map. Click to zoom. Campsites are marked with the night(s) we’ll be at each.

On September 1st, Trish and I will depart our home in Bellingham, WA, near the Canadian border, and begin our 1,500+ mile journey south to the California border, and back, in a 100% electric Nissan LEAF. And you’ll be able to track us live!

This is not a race, it is just an opportunity for us to take time away from the daily grind, explore a small corner of the world, and show that it can be done in a LEAF. We’ll be camping almost every night. After we completed a similar trip last year, we decided it had to be done again, since it was so much fun!


New for this year, I have developed a web site that will display our live location, battery charge level, and more. We encourage you to load up the site and follow along on our journey! It will automatically update our position once per minute while we’re driving, assuming we have adequate cellular signal. Check it out at ZEroadtrip.com.

The general route starts by going down I-5 from Bellingham, WA to the California border. Near the California border, on Saturday, September 6th, we will be showing our car at the Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Show in Ashland! We’re sure to encounter a lot of great people there. Then we will head back up a bit and over to the Oregon Coast. We’ll follow the coast up to Astoria, and finally head back home via I-5.

We will also post regular updates to Twitter @ZEroadtrip or you can Like us on Facebook, and we will write daily blog posts here as well. Blog posts may be posted a day late in some cases depending on where we can find an Internet connection.

If you are interested in meeting up with us somewhere along our journey, you can comment below or tweet @ZEroadtrip and we’ll be in touch. Or, track us on the map and meet us at a charging station! We’ll be stopping at every one on the map, even if we don’t need it. We’ll be driving a silver 2013 Nissan LEAF SL (on the right on the photo below).

Our two Nissan LEAFs in front of our solar array.
Our two Nissan LEAFs in front of our solar array.

14 thoughts to “2014 Zero-Emission Road Trip”

    1. We’ll probably be in Portland late morning on Sept 2nd. We plan to charge at one of the quick chargers at PSU’s Electric Avenue. If you watch our map on ZEroadtrip.com you’ll be able to see us approaching and have a better idea of when we’ll be there if you want to meet us.

  1. Hi Tyrel and Trish! Puyallup Nissan thinks what you are doing is great! Puyallup Nissan would like to offer you the use of our Quick Charger at no charge if you find you need a place to charge between Seattle and Tumwater. The Washington State Fair will be in full bloom when you make the trek back to Bellingham and we would be more than happy to shuttle you the 1 mile to the fairgrounds while your LEAF charges!
    May we post a link to your trip route map on our website?
    Have a safe trip.

    1. Hi Marina,

      Thanks for the offer! I think we will take you up on the offer to charge there, both on the way down and the way back up. It’ll make the Seattle-Tumwater stretch more comfortable for sure. We probably won’t have time to go to the fair but will hang out and visit while we are charging. I will add your charger to our map shortly.

      On the way down, we’ll probably be there early or mid afternoon on September 1st. On the way back it’ll probably also be around mid day, on the 13th.

      And of course you may absolutely share the link to our map on your website.


  2. Very cool trip and I want to learn more about your live data interface. I just bought my Leaf two months ago and am just venturing out from my trickle charger range. I have not invested in an at home charger yet, but am doing fine for all of my trips all around Seattle! How early are you starting out, so that I might try to meet you at the Seattle Whole Foods. :)Steve

    1. Hey Steve,
      We’ll probably be at the Whole Foods in Seattle around 11:30am on Monday if you want to try to meet us there. As long as my live tracker is working you’ll be able to see us heading that way from Magic Nissan in Everett when we’re done charging there.

  3. Hi Tyrel and Trish: I see you are heading for the coast tomorrow. Let us know your revised timeline, okay? Much cooler here–beautiful weather, actually! Debbie and Patrick

    1. We’re still planning to be moving between Florence and Tillamook on the 10th, so we’ll likely meet up with you then. We’ll be in touch probably the day before.

    2. Great, we’ll be around although Patrick has to go to work around 4 p.m. on the 10th. We’ll figure something out. I also sent an e-mail to Matt in Gold Beach and I think he’s going to try to connect with you down that way. He’s been the only LEAF down that way for a very long time and the new station in Port Orford is a really big deal to connect him with other areas.

      And…after I told you how nice it was here I see the next few days are predicted to be 70’s to 80’s on the coast! However, sometimes the fog rolls on in. Does Riker like other dogs? If so, may bring the beagles.

    3. Hi Debbie,
      We have been in contact with Matt and will probably be meeting up with him at some point.
      If the temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s, that’s a lot better than the 90s and we’ll be glad.

    4. Fun in Newport for Riker: 2 fenced dog parks: Wilder Park on SE 40th near the community college and Agate Beach park on 185 NW 60th. Beagles prefer Agate Beach because it’s grass instead of bark, but both parks have room to run and usually other dogs to play with.

  4. Wow, actually going camping with a Leaf. I just use mine for daily commuting. How much camp gear you pack in the Leaf? Enough room for Riker? Been following your progress from time to time through out the day. Looks like you’re averaging over 4.1 m/Kwh. Have fun! Sure wish we had a similar EV highway charge program here in NorCal like you folks. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I look forward more pics along the way.

    1. It’s big enough for a small two person tent, some food, a small camp stove, and various accessories (lanterns, hammer, hatchet, etc), plus Riker and enough food for him for two weeks.

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