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Tyrel Haveman

During the day, I’m a software developer for a global software firm that specializes in connecting the old with the new for large enterprises. At night, I sleep. But at all times, I try to live my life in a way that will minimize my negative impacts on the world.

I don’t like breathing exhaust from burning gasoline, coal, or whatever. I also don’t like sending my money long distances to get my energy. I believe that concentrating my spending on local products is vital to maintaining a stable economy.

Not everyone is in a position to do this. Some people don’t have the financial flexibility, the credit-worthiness, the tech-savviness, or the risk-takingness to get an electric car or put solar panels on their roof. But I do, and I feel like if I support these emerging-but-actually-very-old technologies myself, I will help to make it so that others will be able to take these steps in the future.

So I drive an electric car, I eat local, organic food, and I try to fuel my electric car with locally-generated clean power. I want the world to be a clean place for thousands of years to come, and I feel like it’s important that I play my part to ensure that happens.

Trish Merriman

I’m a Pacific Northwest native and have lived in Bellingham since 2005, when I moved to go to college. I’m currently the marketing director at Western Solar Inc, the Bellingham-based solar installer who we worked with on Phase 1 of our solar array.

I have a passion for cooking and baking, and contrary to my introverted personality, I love hosting get-togethers and feeding people.

If you’re in the EV community and will be in our neck of the woods, you’re more than welcome to get in touch. You might get cookies.

One thought to “About Us”

  1. Cookies?!?! Like Digital Website Cookies or Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip with Extra PB on top?

    My Lady and I live in Everett…ok that tangent would have taken way too long….and here’s the short:

    I am currently debating whether the only knit-pick that I have between a 2013 Leaf SL for about $9k and a 2015-16 Soul EV Base for about $11-12k is the Heat Pump being more efficient in our colder months on the Soul vs having the ability to Pre-heat unplugged on the Leaf. I have driven both (let alone all available used EV’s that I could schedule a test drive for…I think all except for the Fiat 5ooE to date. I prefer the Soul actually overall. But again it’s a knit-pick at best for the vehicle’s true purpose.

    My commute is a hair over 16 miles round trip (Everett to Mukilteo) so I’m not super concerned about range, and I have thought about getting a wicked eBike instead but then there’s the year round safety factor and weather, etc.

    Loved the review of the two most economically efficient cars to get into the EV game with. That’s exactly what we are doing. Built a garage last year wired with Ethernet for WiFi and NEMA outlet, and I already have my JuiceBoxPro 40 EVSE in an Amazon wish list waiting for me. Well that and the correct Nema outlet. Turns out the Electrician installed a 6-50 outlet and I just spaced it because the JuiceBox40 likes 14-50. Meh. Inexpensive swap.

    Keeping the 2008 Prius as our long range car until we get used to the EV Life…and until my Lady’s Rivian R1T becomes available. I might get to drive it…if I’m lucky. I have geeked-out over the Model X and Tesla in general since the beginning, but I think if we go that route it’ll be a Model Y to replace my once beloved 2004 Toyota Matrix XRS that is being donated, mainly because we will need space in the garage, and the fewer ICE’s we have the better! ;_)

    Thanks for doing what you do!


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