Getting Ready

We’re now less than 48 hours from the start of our trip, so preparations are rolling along. We’re still looking for camping meal ideas and places to stop and check out along the way.

Here is our route (which I drew up in Microsoft Paint, much to Trish’s dismay):


We’re pretty excited about seeing friends we haven’t seen in a long time, and then camping out on the coast. Hopefully it doesn’t rain, but we’ll be prepared for that in case it does.

Vroom vroom! … I mean, shwoooooooooo!

2 thoughts to “Getting Ready”

  1. I’m a huge proponent of “boy-scout dinners” (also known as food wrapped in tin foil, stuck in the coals of a camp fire) when camping. Also, if you have a crappy dutch oven with metal handles and such, you can put that in the ground and build a fire around it, long enough fire, and you get a really nice meal out of it…

  2. Ryan, we’ll definitely be bringing along a roll of foil for making such dinners. I remember making those during the one summer I actually made it to Girl Scouts camp. We also got a pie iron, for making hobo pies.

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