How to Follow our Roadtrip Progress

If you’re interested in following our progress on our upcoming road trip, here’s what we plan on posting:

  • Twitter – Either Trish or I will be posting regular updates on Twitter with our charging status, mileage, etc., and any interesting things we see along the way. You can follow me @tyrel and Trish @Trishkit or watch #EVroadtrip.
  • Facebook – We will post EV-specific things that we think would be interesting or useful for others on the Seattle Nissan LEAF Owners Group on Facebook and photos on our own timelines.
  • Blog – Right here on this blog we will post one update per day (hopefully) with a summary of our travels, including distance covered, where and for how long we charged, fuel economy, and so on, and probably post interesting pictures of things we see.

Again, the plan is for us to travel almost every day from August 29th through September 12th.

We’ll be camping most of the time so our Internet connectivity will be rather limited, but we will do our best to post to these things as often as we can. Twitter will be the easiest thing to post (least amount of bandwidth required, works well on our phones), so that’s probably the most likely place to find information.

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