Road Trip: Day 15: South Whidbey to Bellingham

Day 15 Charge Level Map
Day 15 Charge Level Map

After 15 days, 1303.7 miles of driving, about 300 kWh of power, 5 nights with friend and relatives, 2 nights in hotels, and 7 nights camping, we made it back home.

Today went fine, as it’s a drive we’ve done before, although I seemed to do it a little more efficiently this time. We left Langley with 100% charge and went up the island, charged a bit at Burlington, then headed home, just stopping by a car wash on the way.

About two miles from home, a rock was tossed up from the road by another vehicle and chipped our windshield. We figured something like that might happen earlier in the trip — this was just annoying! We drove back to town later to get it fixed, and the glass place said they are thinking about getting a few LEAFs for loaner cars!

I’ll spend the next couple days culling all the data I collected along the trip and generating some EV-related statistics to share with you all this weekend, in addition to an overall summary of the trip — like what we could have done differently, etc.

I also have an exciting update about our solar panels which I’ll be posting in the near future!

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  1. Welcome back home, Tyrel and Trish! Looking forward to your stats and tips. Big thanks for sharing your adventures with this stranger.

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