Road Trip: Day 2: Lynnwood to Portland

The travels today were largely uneventful, despite the long distance we traveled. We left Lynnwood about a half our late (at 10am) and arrived in Portland about 45 minutes later than planned (at 5:45pm). We ended up taking Highway 99 for most of the route from Lynnwood to Tacoma, because traffic was insane on I-5.

Day 2 Charge Level
Day 2 Charge Level

We stopped along the way at a Walgreens in Des Moines, where we plugged in to the 220 charger. We went inside and grabbed a few snacks, then ate a bit of this in the car for a few minutes. I checked the numbers and it looked like we’d be fine to make it all the way to Tumwater (allowing us to bypass the expensive charger in Fife). We were at Walgreens for about half an hour.

At the Tumwater quick charger, we encountered a woman who was test driving a LEAF and was looking at the charger. She asked some questions about it but did not charge. I hope she made it back to the dealer (sounded like it would be close!).

The next charger was in Centralia. We still had quite a bit of charge from Tumwater and wanted to take a few minutes to eat a late lunch, so we just plugged in to the 220 charger here instead of the quick charger. We continued on after we finished our lunch.

At Castle Rock, the car’s navigation system warned us that it did not have data for the area, and they’re doing a massive road construction project, but the charger was not hard to fine. We used the quick charger for a few minutes here.

The next charger was in Ridgefield. It’s out back behind a restaurant in a rather lonely place. It was getting hot out by this time (about 80 degrees) and the car’s batteries were also getting warm — we hit 8 temperature bars around 105 degrees while charging. We didn’t need a full charge to get to Portland so I unplugged at around 70% charge.

Getting into our destination from there was not a problem at all. Our hosts have a 110 outlet next to their spot in the parking garage which they allowed us to use, so we’d have 100% by morning. Being 4-5 stories under ground, however, the car gets no cell service so I cannot use CARWINGS to get charging status and such, unfortunately.

For the next day, our plan is to hang out with our friends in Portland. At some point we’ll take a trip out to Multnomah Falls and back. This is about 63 miles round trip, so it shouldn’t be an issue — especially considering the number of chargers available in Portland.

Day 3 Plan
Day 3 Plan

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  1. Reading this on the Bolt bus heading to Portland. If you thought I-5 was a mess yesterday it’s pretty packed today. Hope the falls was fun. If you see someone waving from the sidewalk it’s just me.

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