Road Trip: Day 8: Florence to Newport

Looking Back at the Sand Dunes

Things don’t always go as planned — but that’s okay as long as you’re able to adapt. Today was a pretty good example of this.

First, the night went fine — nothing to report there. We woke up early (around 7) and started packing up to head north to Newport.

Day 8 Charge Level Map
Day 8 Charge Level Map (some data missing)

The first stop along the way was the Darlingtonia Botanical Wayside, where we looked at an insect-eating plant. It wasn’t super exciting, but cool.

Next we went to see the sea lion caves. But, of course, the elevator down into the caves was offline today (of all the days of the year), so we couldn’t go down and see them. They offered to let us go on their trail and look out at the ocean for $5 each. That would have been a total ripoff, as we could drive a couple hundred yards up the road and see the ocean from a turn-out. So we went that way instead. It was the ocean. Strike one.

From there we could see a lighthouse to the north. We decided to go check that out. When we arrived at the parking lot, we saw the sign that indicated it was a half-mile hike from there to the lighthouse. Trish’s feet have been getting sore, so we didn’t go there either. Strike two.

Next was Devil’s Churn, where the sea waters come into a very small space and smash up in the air in great bursts. But, alas, the seas were too calm and nothing was happening here either. Strike three.

Continuing north, we arrived at the little town of Yachats where there is a quick charger. Just as we were arriving, a very bright and loud thunderstorm arrived. We debated whether it would be safe to be connected to the charger (in case a nearby tree got struck by lightning or something), and decided that we would just charge for a bit to get some extra charge, then continue on. We didn’t really need much at this point so only being plugged in for a bit would minimize our risk.

There wasn’t much else we were interested in until Newport. Shortly after arriving at Newport and having lunch, the thunderstorms had found their way up here as well. We were exploring a park when a downpour began. We found ourselves back in the car, soaked, and wishing we didn’t have to camp tonight. Strike four (?).

Day 9 Planned Route
Day 9 Planned Route

As the rains continued and the forecast wasn’t looking any better, we debated in our wet clothes about whether to camp or just find a hotel. Eventually we elected for the hotel option, and made a reservation at the Comfort Inn in Newport. It’s obviously much more expensive than camping, but it’s very much worth it. We are enjoying the dry, warm, and comfortable room. After camping for three nights, it feels very good. It’s also nice to have real Internet access instead of using tethering on my phone!

Tomorrow we’ll start our morning by visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium here in Newport. Then we’ll continue north to Lincoln City, just 26 miles away. At the campground there, we’ll be sleeping in a yurt, so the rain will not bother us as much if it continues. In fact, we love the sound of rain, so that would be enjoyable. We’ve also never stayed in a yurt before, so that’ll be fun as well.

So far the trip odometer is up to about 700 miles! We may not hit the 1,500 total miles I was anticipating, but it’ll be close.

2 thoughts to “Road Trip: Day 8: Florence to Newport”

  1. Hello, nice to meet you in Depoe Bay. We’ve never met another 2-Leaf family! You are having quite an adventure. Those thunderstorms on Thursday were really something. Did the quick charge at Yachats work? We just never know if it’ll be up or not.

    Meant to tell you, if you like fish and chips try J’s Fish and Chips in Lincoln City!

    We will be driving down to Florence tomorrow…without the dogs. And having met you both, we’re contemplating trying for Seattle one of these days. Safe journey…

    Debbie and Patrick

    1. It was great to meet you as well! Two-LEAF families are becoming increasingly popular. We know several in the Seattle area. We will write about meeting you later tonight in our next blog post.
      Safe travels!

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