Road Trip: Day 9: Newport to Lincoln City

Today went much better than yesterday! First, it was nice to have slept in a hotel, although we chose not to use our own pillows, which turned out to be a mistake, as we both had neck aches in the morning.

Our first objective was to check out the Oregon Coast Aquarium before leaving Newport. This took us about 2 hours. It’s not a very big place, but they had a decent assortment of creatures. We enjoyed watching the sea otters and puffins in particular.

We used the charger in Newport again. We just used level 2 while we grabbed lunch at the place next door. Then we began our cruise up to Lincoln City.

Day 9 Charge Level Map
Day 9 Charge Level Map

The first stop was Yaquina Head, where we checked out the cobble beach. It was very interesting — an entire beach made of round basaltic stones. The sound that they made when the water pulled back between the waves was very cool. We visited with a cormorant (bird) that was sitting on a rock there, then headed out because the flies were driving us crazy.

Next we stopped at Devil’s Punch Bowl, which is not a bowl, without punch, and I didn’t see the devil, either. Nevertheless, it was an interesting geological feature in which sea water violently goes into and out of a hole.

Meandering up the coast, we came across Depoe Bay, where we honestly didn’t expect to find much. We were surprised, then, to find a spouting horn. This is also an interesting geological feature in which sea water violently goes into and out of a hole. But in a different way than the other hole. It was quite impressive!

Just as we were about to depart, we noticed a red LEAF coming up the highway. They pulled in next to us, and we visited for quite a while. It was a nice couple, Debbie and Patrick Jimmerson, of Seagrove. They are a two-LEAF family and had never met another two-LEAF family before. They were apparently one of the first LEAF owners in the area. It was very nice to visit with them. On our whole journey they are the first LEAFers we have talked to, amazingly!

Day 10 Planned Route
Day 10 Planned Route

It wasn’t much farther until Lincoln City, where we first stopped at the quick charger to top off a bit. A Tesla Model S had just pulled out. The charger is right next to the campground we’re staying at, so we quickly headed over after charging.

Tonight we are staying in a yurt — which is basically a large, round, wood-framed tent. It has electricity and heat, which is nice, but cooking is not allowed inside. Since it is raining outside, this will be a lot more comfortable than tenting. Hopefully the rain is gone by tomorrow night when we’ll be tenting it again.

Speaking of tomorrow: The plan is to head to Tillamook, where we must obviously check out the cheese factory, then head even further north to camp at Nehalem Bay State Park. There is a quick charger in Tillamook we’ll use, and then we should be able to charge at camp again tomorrow night.

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