Solar Update: Install Scheduled

Previously I posted about how we’ve signed a contract to get solar panels installed. It’s been a while since I wrote that, and I have some news to share, so I wanted to update you all!

A couple of weeks ago, just before we left on our road trip, I received the news that our installation is scheduled for the week of September 23rd. I haven’t heard any changes to this, so I expect that’s still the plan. Also while we were gone, Western Solar worked with Whatcom County to do a wetlands assessment and get the permit they need for installing the array out in our field. They had to move the array a little bit to avoid a wetland mitigation area, apparently, but it’s not much.

So hopefully in two weeks I’ll be writing another blog post about how the installation of the array is going!

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  1. I thought I’d share some good news: It seems itek Energy is running low on 240W panels, and ‘unfortunately’ had to ship me 250W panels instead (last week). I wish you the same ‘problem’. All the best, Nick

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