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From August 29th through September 13th, Trish and I will be on a road trip in our 2013 Nissan LEAF. We intend to blog along the way with our experiences, especially if there are any EV-related things to note! We’ve never taken a trip this long before in either LEAF. In fact, we’ve never driven this far for a trip at all: about 1,500 miles.

Our plan is to quickly head south through Washington along I-5. We’ll stop in Lynnwood for a night with Trish’s dad, then head to Portland the next day. We have friends there we’ll be staying with for a couple of days while we see a few things around the city. Then we’ll continue south along I-5 for a couple more days, head west to the coast, and then slide up the coast at a leisurely pace. We’ll head back to I-5 once we’ve visited Astoria, then spend a couple of days again traveling back up through Washington to our home in Bellingham.

If you have ideas of things we should see between Portland and Eugene, or up the coast anywhere from Florence to Astoria, please let us know. We’re looking for recommendations. We’ll be camping most of the time along the coast, which is something we haven’t done together and neither of us have done for many years.

Camping is actually going to make it easier for us than if we were in hotels, because we’ll be able to plug the car in at our campsites to charge, but we usually wouldn’t be able to at a hotel. I’ve made some adapters to allow us to charge from pretty much any kind of outlet, which I will write another blog entry about later.

I’m excited to travel with our LEAF in Oregon where charging options are very plentiful, and it’ll be great to get out and see some of the world — without having to buy gas!

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    1. Unfortunately I didn’t know about the EVSE Upgrade when I purchased the EVSE for our garage, otherwise I probably would have gone with that instead. The EVSE that we do have is semi-portable so I just made adapters for it. I’ll write another post in the near future including pictures of exactly what I did.

  1. Check out the SeaLion Caves just north of Florence. Cheap admission (couple bucks each I think) and pretty cool. These are not captive sea lions – just a really cool lookout into a natural sea cave where they congregate. Not a huge venue… plan on maybe an hour.

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